Asbestos inventory

As from 1st January 2011, the installation of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) on board of ships has been prohibited without exception, according to SOLAS. When asbestos is detected on board, in contravention with SOLAS Chapter II-1 Reg. 3-5, action should be taken to have it removed. Together with Metizoft’s asbestos inventory service, we are able to identify all materials containing asbestos on board of ships or offshore platforms.


Asbestos inventory conform the Dutch SC-540 regulations


An environmental permit request will not be accepted by the local authority without an asbestos inventory report. Together with Metizoft we are fully certified in accordance with the Dutch SC-540 asbestos regulations for performing an asbestos inventory on board of your vessel or offshore platform. After an asbestos inventory report has been compiled, we can, if desired, draw up a cost estimate for any asbestos removal and decontamination.


Our approach of an asbestos inventory


The experienced surveyors of Metizoft survey, chart, identify and report all asbestos suspicious materials aboard your ships or offshore platforms. We are able to undertake asbestos inventories only to ships or can include the asbestos survey as a part of an Inventory of Hazardous Materials in compliance with the Hong Kong Convention 2009.


Asbestos removal


In case asbestos will be found, we are also able to remove all materials containing asbestos aboard your ships or offshore platforms. Our asbestos removal service is regulated by means of the SC-530 process certificate. This is a guideline based on industry-specific agreements and legal regulations, such as the Dutch Working Conditions Act (ARBO), the Asbestos Removal Decree and the Chemical Substances Act.


This SC-530 standard guarantees that we are able to remove materials containing asbestos safely. This means a built-in guarantee that any emission of asbestos particles is prevented.


Document Management System


By adopting Metizoft’s Document Management System, the Greenlogger, your vessel crews as well as the onshore management will have easy access to documentation including, but not limited to, technical manuals and drawings at any time during each vessel's lifetime. With this method you can easily show that your vessel or offshore platform is asbestos-free.


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