Computational fluid dynamics

Together with VICUSdt, we are specialized in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for almost any kind of ship in the maritime industry. We use our advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software simulation tool for a wide variety of applications: from consultancy in an early ship design stage to high-end calculations in order to accurately determine the ship’s performance.


Our CFD tool is suitable for all maritime sectors including shipping, shipbuilding, offshore, inland waterways, dredging, fishing and yachting. For new builds and existing vessels.


Why you should use computational fluid dynamics (CFD)?


Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is the first step in developing a state-of-the-art hydrodynamic ship design and optimizing the ship’s energy efficiency. With our advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, specially developed for the maritime industry, we are able to solve many ship design questions, to provide many full-scale predictions, and to indicate physical effects that in the past could just be crudely approximated.


Ship hull forms optimization with computational fluid dynamics (CFD)


Our advanced Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) optimization tool compares the calm-water drags of a series of hull forms and to define ‘optimized’ monohull ships for which the total (friction + wave) calm-water drag is minimized. By using this method, you will receive a state-of-the-art hydrodynamic ship hull form, specifically for your type of vessel.


With our CFD simulation tool, we are able to improve the hull form design for minimum ship resistance in the different ship operational conditions. We have a multi-objective optimization methodology, which will guarantee the performance of your hull for every sea state. The optimization covers not only the bow but also the ship aft body ensuring a good wake field.


Bulbous bow optimization with computational fluid dynamics (CFD)


Nowadays bulbous bows are an integrated part of many ship designs. The hydrodynamic effect of the bulbous bow is based on the change of flow distribution around the bow, creating waves that interfere with the waves created by the hull, while also improving the flow around the bow. A properly designed bulb affects nearly all the hydrodynamic properties of the ship.


The advanced CFD software is able to carry out bulb optimization to modify the bulbous shape.


Appendages optimization with computational fluid dynamics (CFD)


Any unavoidable appendages, such as ship rudders or propellers, must be carefully designed and optimized in order to keep interference with the flow to a minimum. To support the development of optimized appendages, we work with the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques, which reflect the current state of the art in science and technology.


Trim optimization with computational fluid dynamics (CFD)


Merchant vessels can achieve significant savings with the correct trim for each displacement and speed. But your crew must know beforehand how to load the ship depending on the expected speed and loading condition, in order to minimize ballast loading. With our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) program, we are able to carry out routine trim optimization CFD calculations for any type of ship.


Maneuvering and dynamic positioning simulator


VICUSdt has developed his own maneuvering and dynamic positioning simulator to carry out a DP capability plot, specifically for your type of vessel. This simulation tool will be continuously upgraded with new data from computational fluid dynamics, towing tank and sea trials.



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The advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tool of VICUSdt is suitable for general cargo ships, bulk carriers, container ships, auto carriers, tankers, fishing vessels, oil industry vessels, passenger ships, ferryboats, tow and tug boats, barges and specialized ships. Should you have any questions about our computational fluid dynamics services, feel free to contact us. Is this service not the right one? Discover more about VICUSdt or let us help to find the right service for you.


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