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Who does not know the daily search for important data, the constant running after specific information? Wherever vessel documents and information have to be available at short notice when needed, investing in document management software like the advanced Document Management System of Metizoft is worthwhile.




By making use of Metizoft’s advanced Document Management System, hereafter referred to as Green Logger, your vessel crews as well as the onshore management will have easy and quick access to all the necessary documentation to have a valid and up-to-date inventory of hazardous materials (IHM) at all times and wherever your vessel is at berth. With this method you can easily show that your vessel or offshore platform is asbestos-free.




The Greenlogger of Metizoft has the following features:


-                      Search: find documents quickly through file search, vendor search and more.

-                      Any document format: PDF-format is the preferred format, but any file format can be stored.

-                      Document Viewer: the built-in document viewer supports PDF, JPEG and GIF files.

-                      File Preview: preview PDF, DOC, JPEG and GIF files before viewing or downloading.

-                      Custom File Structure: support for custom SFI structures and other file structures.

-                      Reports: activity and confirmation reports for document uploads and downloads.

-                      Notifications: receive automatic notifications when documents are about to expire.

-                      On-Premises Option: view and download documents without an online connection.

-                      Support: choose between Standard and Premium support.



Watch the Greenlogger in action:

Video demonstration





At Metizoft, they have the right knowledge and experience to carry out an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) and asbestos inventory, ensuring that your company's environmental profile is being safeguarded in a professional way.


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