Efficient propulsion system

Are you looking for a partner that can help you with realizing the most efficient and effective propulsion system for your type of vessel? Whether it is an inland waterway vessel, tanker, passenger ship, tug boat, patrol vessel, offshore vessel or mega yacht, we will be pleased to advise you from the ship design stage. By selecting the most efficient machinery configuration and propulsion components for your type of vessel and sailing profile we are able to optimize the energy efficiency and fuel consumption.


How we create the most efficient propulsion system


To achieve the highest possible efficient propulsion system for your type of vessel, we start our investigation below the waterline. Taking into account your type of vessel, sailing profile, company profile and budget, we analyse the hydrodynamic performance for your type of vessel. We can do this performance analyse for new building or existing vessels. With use of advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software we are able to design the most efficient hull form, bulbous bow and appendages like a propeller, rudder and with or without a nozzle.


For example merchant vessels can achieve significant savings with the correct trim for each displacement and speed. But your crew must know beforehand how to load the ship depending on the expected speed and loading condition, in order to minimize ballast loading. Therefore we are also able to carry out routine trim optimization CFD calculations for any type of ship to achieve to the most correct trim.


When the optimal fore and aft section of your ship is determined, we continue our investigation to determine the most efficient machinery configuration. In this stage we will select the right main and auxiliary engines. Based on a thorough investigation, we advise you which type of propulsion system (mechanical, electrical or hybrid) will be – according to our opinion – the most efficient system for your type of vessel and sailing profile. We will look at potential waste heat recovery and other energy saving measures and will investigate all the energy sources like biofuels, LNG, GTL and methanol.


From design till delivery


Besides realizing the most efficient ship design for new buildings or optimizing the hydrodynamic performance of existing vessels, we are also able to deliver the efficient designed propulsion components for your type of vessel. From a ship propeller till a complete propulsion shaft system including ship rudders and nozzles.



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