Energy Audit refrigerated cargo ship business case

By: Jeroen Berger, July 19, 2017

An Energy Audit can provide you with an insight into the energy consumption and current performance of your existing ship. With this you can see in which areas savings can be made. After that it can be tested whether the expected efficiency improvement in that area has been achieved. The owners from the refrigerated cargo ship Salica Frigo have selected our partner VICUSdt as the supplier to carry out an energy audit.


About the Salica Frigo


The Salica Frigo is a refrigerated cargo ship, build in 2001 and sailing under the Spanish flag. The vessel has an overall length of 132.9 meter and a 120 meter length between perpendiculars. The Salica Frigo has been designed for carrying cargoes of fruits, especially bananas or frozen products.


Looking at the propulsion, the main engine can develop an output of 6,300 kW at 500 rpm. This drives a shaft line with controllable pitch propeller through a reduction gear. A 1,500 kW tail alternator is coupled to the reduction gear. Maneuvering is by a hydraulically-controlled, variable pitch bow thrust 500CV propeller driven by a 400V 50Hz alternating current electric motor.


What was VICUSdt’s approach?


The specialists from VICUSdt have installed on board the Salica Frigo the torque-meter, tachometer, data acquisition system and pressure monitoring system during the voyage between two ports. When the main engine was running at four different load conditions, curves were drawn in order to characterize the behavior of the main engine, as well as the speed-power curve definition of this vessel.


What was the result?


For the owners from the refrigerated cargo ship Salica Frigo the Energy Audit was highly cost-effective, because the results not only give them the current status of the vessel’s performance, but also provide them with a solid basis for further optimization studies. The ship owners were impressed by VICUSdt’s practical approach and were happy with the achieved result.





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