Green Award crane ship business case

By: Jeroen Berger, July 1, 2017

Family business A.J. van Vliet & Zn. has recently received a Green Award for her crane ship, the MKS Empressa. With having a Green Award certificate, the organization, specialized in dredging and lifting operations, construction, sheet piles and poles, has not only assured itself with a multiyear contract with the Port of Rotterdam Authority, but leads the way in sustainable shipping. The family business, established in Ouderkerk aan den IJssel (the Netherlands), has been advised by Berger Maritiem for obtaining this Green Award.


Ready for the future


,,Who does not want to say that he is the most efficient and environmentally friendly of all in the port of Rotterdam?” Father Hans and son Jarno van Vliet could not say it better: they are happy with the Green Award certificate for the inland waterway. ,,The Green Award Program has a dynamic package of requirements, which will be regularly improved and tightened. With the certificate we are greener than the current emission requirements”, clarifies Hans van Vliet.


,,The validity of the certificate is three years, but we are already know that after these three years we will also meet the environmental requirements (EU Stage V, ed.)”, Jarno van Vliet adds. And that is unique to a ship of this age. Green Awards are mainly given to newbuilding vessels and this crane ship dates from 1964.


Nevertheless, the MKS Empressa, suitable for dredging and lifting operations (up to 16 tons), is always kept up to date and has become more sustainable. For example, the ship, with a length of 55 meters and a width of 9.5 meters, has been VCA certified for six years and there is heavily invested in adjustments.


Which sustainable measures haven been taken?


To be eligible for Green Award certification, the main engine is equipped with a SCR catalyst and diesel particulate filter (DPF) from Fischer Abgastechnik for cleaning the exhaust gases. An independent measurement showed that the exhaust gases are already cleaner than the future EU Stage V emission standards. Besides that, there are also installed two new generator sets and a new head screw engine. Thanks to the innovative changes, the crane ship, which reaches a speed of 14 km per hour, now works eighty to ninety percent cleaner than before.


Why a Green Award?


Besides the fact that the family Van Vliet has assured itself with a multiyear contract with the Port of Rotterdam Authority, the benefits are numerous. For example, having an extra clean and safe ship could give you a better image, a charter preference and a discount on port dues. That is already noticeable, Hans van Vliet experiences. ,,Investing in sustainability will be more rewarded. In tendering procedures you are more privileged.”


So enough reasons to opt for a Green Award. Although the men realize that the feasibility and possibilities are different per situation and company. For the family business, where also wife and mother Trudi corporate, the achieving of the Green Award tastes like more. ,,We are currently orientating how we can provide our two other ships, the Poolster and Incepto, with a Green Award. The time has come. The engine from the Incepto is almost ready for replacement and this gives us the chance to get started with this ship too.”



Download the article from A.J. van Vliet & Zn. published in De Stroming Courant



How did we help the family Van Vliet?


We started with mapping of the current situation. After that we have made an action plan (in which we have put in all practical options) and have done a feasibility study together with the family Van Vliet. Hans, Trudi and Jarno Van Vliet are happy with the achieved result.


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