Hybrid or electric ship propulsion

Is hybrid or electric propulsion something for your ship? It is important to know that the propulsion must fit your sailing profile. Whether it is an inland waterway vessel, tanker, passenger ship, tug boat, patrol vessel, offshore vessel or mega yacht, every ship is different and requires a tailored approach. Investigate with us whether hybrid ship propulsion or electric ship propulsion is the right solution for your ship.


What are the benefits of hybrid or electric ship propulsion?


Hybrid ship propulsion means that the vessel can be propelled in two ways, namely electrical (via battery power or diesel electric driven) or mechanical (direct diesel driven). As ship owner or shipping company hybrid ship propulsion gives you the advantages of diesel electric propulsion at low power, as well the benefits of direct diesel driven propulsion at high power. For example, if you are sailing with different speed conditions with your inland waterway vessel or dredger vessel, you could use smarter the available energy and save on your fuel costs by using hybrid ship propulsion.


With electric ship propulsion the benefits are the low noise level, less vibration and the large couple that is directly available by sailing away or maneuvering.


Is hybrid or electric propulsion something for your ship?


At Berger Maritiem, we strive to come up with “green” solutions that can contribute to your company’s profitability ratios. From this goal it can be possible that hybrid ship propulsion or electric ship propulsion is not the most cost effective solution for your type of vessel. Based on a thorough optimization scan, which will consist of at least the company profile, sailing profile, ship design, propulsion systems, energy systems and other integrated system, we come together with you to the right propulsion system for your ship.


Hybrid ship propulsion or electric ship propulsion from design to delivery


In addition to designing the electrical and mechanical arrangement, we can also produce turnkey the hybrid or electrical ship propulsion system. We can help you with finding, selecting and delivering the right engines, generators, frequency inverters and interface. Also the delivering of hybrid ship propulsion components like a hybrid ship propeller belong to the possibilities.


Green Award inland waterway


Are you in possession of one or more inland waterway vessels? Then we will inform you about the following. In 2011, the Green Award certificate for inland shipping is launched. Certification is voluntary and provides several advantages and incentives, for example improvement of the company’s image and discounts on harbour duties. Across the world, ships and shipping companies are certified by the Green Award for their quality, safety and environmental performance.


Green Award has its own set of requirements that go well beyond the statutory requirements. Only inland waterway vessels that meet the requirements of Green Award are eligible for the Green Award certificate. For example you will get a lot of rewarding points if you have a hybrid ship propulsion system or electric ship propulsion system on board.


Funding and financing


Besides a turnkey delivery, we have the right in-house experience to investigate the potential availability of funding and forms of financing for your hybrid or electric ship propulsion system.


The Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) is a fiscal advantage we would like to bring to your attention. By investing in a hybrid or electric ship propulsion system, the EIA gives you approximately a 13,5 % tax advantage in 2017. This depends for example on your legal form: do you have a partnership under common firm or a private company?


Become more “green” by utilizing the waste heat


By adding a waste heat recovery system to your hybrid ship propulsion system or electric ship propulsion system you have the possibility of producing energy from the exhaust gas and cooling water of your installed engines on board of your ships.


The waste heat recovery system from Orcan Energy is based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). This technique is standing on the Energy List of 2017. Due to that reason, you could take a tax advantage from the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) as well.




Berger Maritiem has solid relations with expert partners to be able to provide you with a fast and professional service for your hybrid or electric ship propulsion system. With 24/7 technical support, we are here to help you wherever your vessel is at berth in Europe.


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