Together with Menaga we can provide you with state-of-the-art nozzles to obtain the high quality standards of the maritime industry. The Menaga high effective and efficient nozzles are designed and manufactured for propellers to give you a considerable benefit in fuel savings, maximum performance, optimal forward and reverse thrust, improved speed and reduced noise and vibration.  


Production for almost any type of nozzle


We are able to manufacture almost any type of nozzle with a diameter of maximum 4 meter. The effective use of advanced forming and welding technologies enables us to drastically reduce the number of welding seams. This improves the efficiency of our production and the quality of our nozzles with maximum performance.


All of our nozzles, such as the 19A, 37 and HR type nozzles, are specially developed to increase the thrust of marine propellers and perform significantly better.


Nozzles with excellent hydrodynamic shape


To achieve an optimal nozzle design, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques are an important means. Menaga uses the advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software from VICUSdt, a leading player of design and engineering services. By using this extremely effective simulation tool, you will receive a nozzle design with an excellent hydrodynamic shape for your type of vessel.


Thanks to the use of advanced CFD techniques, Menaga’s high quality nozzles will provide more thrust in bollard pull condition, will produce more fuel savings at the vessel’s design speed and will perform better in astern and stop modes.


Nozzles suitable for almost any kind of vessel


Our high quality nozzles are ideal for almost any kind of vessel thanks to the good forward and reverse thrust performance, the extremely strong and stiff profile and its hydrodynamic shape. The nozzles are suitable for general cargo ships, container ships, fishing vessels, oil industry vessels, tow and tug boats, barges and specialized ships.


Nozzles with the highest quality standards


The trust of customers is a great responsibility. To guarantee the highest quality standards of Menaga’s products including nozzles, Menaga uses the highest quality raw materials coming from qualified and checked suppliers.


Besides that, Menaga has its quality management system registered to ISO 9001:2008 for delivering consistent and high quality nozzles at all times.


Nozzles together with worldwide services


A tightly knit network of partners guarantees a 24/7 service worldwide. Together with Berger Maritiem’s customer service, Menaga is ready to support your vessels with maintenance services, inspections and spare parts – around the clock, 365 days a year.


At Menaga, the customers gain the knowledge and strength of a global oriented organization having extensive experience in quality services, with the personal attention, tailored approach and agility of a small business.



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All of our nozzles are suitable for maritime sectors like short sea shipping, offshore, inland waterways, dredging and fishing. Should you have any questions about our nozzles with maximum performance, feel free to contact us. Is this product not the right one? Discover more about Menaga or let us help to find the right product for you.


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