In the field of propulsion we can help you with realizing an efficient propulsion concept, which suits your type of vessel, sailing profile and budget.


Efficient propulsion system



Design the optimal fore and aft section and select the most efficient machinery configuration for your vessel.


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CFD optimized ship propeller



Get the most quiet ship propeller with improved efficiency and maximum performance tailored to the ship.


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CFD optimized nozzle



Get an efficient nozzle with an excellent hydrodynamic shape for your type of vessel.


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CFD optimized ship rudder



Get a ship rudder with first-class manoeuvring characteristics and optimal propulsion efficiency.


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CFD optimized thruster tunnel



Provide yourself with the highest cost-effective and easiest to fit thruster tunnel for your tunnel thruster project.


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Effective propulsion shaft system



Get the most robust propulsion shaft system easily adapted and best fit to your ship design.


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Hybrid or electric ship propulsion



Investigate whether hybrid ship propulsion or electric ship propulsion suits your type of vessel and sailing profile.


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Water cooling system for hybrid and electric ship propulsion



Make use of highly safe, compact and extremely reliable water cooling systems for your hybrid and electric ship propulsion.


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