Propulsion shafting design

The increased use of higher shaft power and the emphasis on noise reduction have contributed to the importance of an efficient propulsion shafting design. Together with VICUSdt we have the knowledge and experience to carry out all the necessary shafting calculations for every type of propulsion shafting system for the most important Classification Societies and shipyards worldwide.


Propulsion shafting design


Whether your project is retrofit or new build, we are here to help you with all the required shafting calculations to realize the best propulsion shafting design for your type of propulsion shafting system, specifically for your type of vessel. Our design engineers have the right software tools and skills for a successful propulsion shafting design and installation.


Propulsion shaft system


Together with one of our partners we are also able to deliver a complete, low friction and almost maintenance-free propulsion shaft system. In order to make full use of the power of your engines, we offer a large variety of essential around the engine components, such as stern tubes and inner bearings. These parts are perfectly matched to one another. To guarantee the highest quality standards, we use the highest quality raw materials coming from qualified and checked suppliers.


Combine with our more efficient ship propeller


Our high effective and efficient ship propeller design gives you a considerable benefit in fuel savings, reduced noise and a smooth vibration free performance. To achieve the most efficient ship propeller design for your type of vessel, the precise determination of propeller-hull interaction coefficients is required. Thanks to the latest computational fluid dynamics software, we will design the ship propeller well adapted to the wake field behind the ship hull.


Together with one of our partners we can produce high quality ship propellers in any desired finish grade of ISO 484. From Class 2 for simple applications to Class S for high speed or Navy. The Class 1 and S propellers are all CNC machined to ensure the highest finish level possible. Delivery is under any classification as Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, DNV GL, American Bureau of Shipping and others. The maximum diameter of the ship propeller will be 7000 mm.


Combine with our more efficient ship rudder


Thanks to the advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, we are able to analyse and solve problems relating to fluid flows and simulate the interaction between the propeller and rudder. By using this cost-efficient method, you will receive at all times a first-class ship rudder design, tailored to your ship.


Together with one of our partners, we can produce high quality ship rudders. For example: balanced ship rudders, unbalanced ship rudders, semi-balanced ship rudders and for example flaps ship rudders, tailored to the ship and the customers needs.


Combine with our more efficient nozzle


Thanks to the use of advanced CFD techniques, our high quality nozzles will provide more thrust in bollard pull condition, will produce more fuel savings at the vessel’s design speed and will perform better in astern and stop modes.


Together with one of our partners, we are able to manufacture high quality nozzles with a diameter of maximum 4 meter. The effective use of advanced forming and welding technologies enables us to drastically reduce the number of welding seams. This improves the efficiency of our production and the quality of our nozzles with maximum performance.


Combine with our Ship performance simulator


Our advanced Ship performance simulator has been designed to reduce fuel costs and to improve energy efficiency in operations. The flexible and customer oriented Ship performance simulator includes basic hydrodynamic and propulsion data, a DP capability plot and maneuvering simulator, and a probabilistic weather analysis.


This approach is especially useful during the ship concept development stage or for evaluation of new technologies, in order to assess accurately the best combination of solutions based on the real ship operational profile.



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