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Meet strict emissions without compromising the vessel’s sailing power and performance with the cost-effective and fuel-efficient SCR catalyst from Fischer Abgastechnik. The in-house designed and developed SCR catalyst can reduce the nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions up to 90 percent. This SCR catalyst is suitable for all maritime sectors including shipping, shipbuilding, offshore, inland waterways, dredging, fishing and yachting.


How does the SCR catalyst from Fischer Abgastechnik work?


The SCR catalyst from Fischer Abgastechnik is designed to permit nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction reactions to take place in an oxidizing atmosphere. The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) method has the capabilities of reducing the concentration of polluting nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gases of diesel engines, to below the emission limits set by IMO Tier III (3.4 g/kWh) and the Stage V emission limits for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) like inland waterway vessels.


A reducing agent (an urea solution) will added into the stream of a flue or exhaust gas. The exhaust gases and the reducing agent (an urea solution) will be then absorbed onto a catalyst, upon which the nitrogen oxides will be transformed on the catalytic surface into nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O).



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From a SCR catalyst to a complete exhaust gas system


Fischer Abgastechnik is not a standard SCR catalyst specialist. For general cargo ships, bulk carriers, container ships, auto carriers, tankers, fishing vessels, oil industry vessels, passenger ships, ferryboats, tow and tug boats, barges and specialized ships as an example, Fischer Abgastechnik thinks in complete exhaust gas systems.


Through an optimal alignment and integration of the SCR catalyst, diesel particulate filter (DPF), exhaust silencer, spark arrester and suspension elements, Fischer Abgastechnik is able to advice you a complete exhaust gas system according to your wishes and needs. Furthermore Fischer Abgastechnik can do the integration of a flue gas cooler for a waste heat recovery system for delivering a more than energy-efficient exhaust gas system.


The core values from Fischer Abgastechnik


Fischer Abgastechnik is able to help shipowners and shipyards with meeting the requirements related to emission reduction. By using professional measuring devices, Fischer Abgastechnik performs several tests so that you can prove easily that your SCR catalyst complies to all the nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission standards.


Besides that, Fischer Abgastechnik understands that the space in the engine room of a vessel can be limited. Therefore Fischer Abgastechnik is specialized in tailor made solutions so that the SCR catalyst can fit in almost any kind of new build or existing vessel with new or older engines installed.


Next to efficient SCR catalysts, the systems from Fischer Abgastechnik are compact, have a nice look and are built according German standards.


Solid service


A tightly knit network of partners guarantees a 24/7 service worldwide. Together with Berger Maritiem’s customer service, Fischer Abgastechnik is ready to support your vessels with maintenance services, inspections and spare parts – around the clock, 365 days a year.


At Fischer Abgastechnik, the customers gain the knowledge and strength of a well-known German company having extensive experience in quality services, with the personal attention, tailored approach and agility of a small business.



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