Ship performance simulator

With our Ship performance simulator we are able to evaluate ship performance in different scenarios, operational profiles and technology combinations. The simulator, developed by VICUSdt and specially designed for the maritime industry, is capable of evaluating different machinery configurations in each scenario, can be used during the preliminary ship design or in an optimization based on operations and is suitable for new builds and retrofit projects.


About the Ship performance simulator


Our advanced Ship performance simulator has been designed to reduce fuel costs and to improve energy efficiency in operations. The flexible and customer oriented Ship performance simulator includes basic hydrodynamic and propulsion data, a DP capability plot and maneuvering simulator, and a probabilistic weather analysis.


This approach is especially useful during the ship concept development stage or for evaluation of new technologies, in order to assess accurately the best combination of solutions based on the real ship operational profile.


Outcome of our Ship performance simulator


The outcome of our Ship performance simulator will be a total fuel / energy consumption per machine over a certain period of time, an average and peak efficiency of different ship systems, a transport efficiency and EEDI analysis and the Ship performance in different operational scenarios and different technologies.


Suitable for any type of vessel in the maritime industry


The advanced Ship performance simulator is suitable for any type of vessel for all maritime sectors including shipping, shipbuilding, offshore, inland waterways, dredging, fishing and yachting. For example: general cargo ships, bulk carriers, container ships, auto carriers, tankers, fishing vessels, oil industry vessels, passenger ships, ferryboats, tow and tug boats, barges and specialized ships.



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