Ship propeller

Together with Fundivisa, our foundry in Vigo, we are specialized in manufacturing the most efficient ship propeller for your type of vessel. Besides an optimal ship performance and an increased thrust, our ship propellers give you a considerable benefit in fuel savings, reduced noise and a smooth vibration free performance. The propellers can be designed for all maritime sectors including shipping, shipbuilding, offshore, inland waterways, dredging, fishing and yachting.


Reach maximum performance


To achieve the most efficient ship propeller design for your type of vessel, the precise determination of propeller-hull interaction coefficients is required. Thanks to our integral hydrodynamic approach, we will design the ship propeller well adapted to the wake field behind the ship hull.


To make the calculations, we make use of advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. By using this cost-efficient simulation tool, you will receive at all times a ship propeller design with an excellent hydrodynamic shape for maximum performance.


Feel free to discover more about our ship propeller design.


Customer-oriented approach


The foundry of Fundivisa has all the necessary equipment to manufacture controllable-pitch propeller (CPP) blades up to Ø7000, fixed pitch propellers (FPP) up to Ø4500, controllable-pitch propeller (CPP) hubs of a Ø2000 sphere and, in general, any component up to a maximum of 10 tons in weight as a finished product.


The productions of the foundry patterns are carried out in own carpentry workshop, even though they can use their clients existing patterns. Fundivisa has also a fully equipped laboratory to guarantee all the mechanical and chemical properties of all the materials used in the production of their products.


In addition to the great experience of their workshop staff, the most complex items are treated in detail as a unique project of production.


High quality standards


The trust of customers is a great responsibility. To guarantee the highest quality standards of the ship propeller, their machining workshop is equipped with modern machinery (milling machines, lathes, 5-axis machining centers) all CNC driven.


In order to guarantee the fulfillment in the design requirements, hydrodynamic performance, shape, pitch, noise level, vibrations and cavitation, the propellers are manufactured in their 5-axis machining centers, where the entire hydraulic surface is milled.


Only by these means can Fundivisa ensure the fulfillment of the most restrictive geometrical requirements, such as class S propellers or hydraulic turbines.


Environmental management certified


Fundivisa has introduced an environmental management certified by DNV according with the ISO14001 standard. This assures that their industrial production is integrated in their environment without producing any harmful elements. This means that all their foundry waste, whether from their mechanic workshop or from the finishing line, is recycled in their premises or treated by authorized external companies.


Besides that, the company is also certified by DNV according to the OHSAS 18001, which protects the health and safety of their employees.


Worldwide services


A tightly knit network of partners guarantees a 24/7 service worldwide. Together with Berger Maritiem’s customer service, Fundivisa is ready to support your vessels with maintenance services, inspections and spare parts – around the clock, 365 days a year.


At Fundivisa, the customers gain the knowledge and strength of a global oriented organization having extensive experience in quality services, with the personal attention, tailored approach and agility of a small business.



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