Ship rudder design

Together with VICUSdt we are able to provide you with a state-of-the-art ship rudder design that is tailored to the ship and the customers needs. Whether you need a ship rudder design with first-class maneuvering characteristics, optimal propulsion efficiency, more speed, more operational comfort, reduced noise, reduced vibrations or less cavitation, our ship rudder design offers you more flexibility in achieving the most efficient ship rudder design, specifically for your type of vessel and sailing profile.


Ship rudder design with an integral hydrodynamic approach


Thanks to the advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software from VICUSdt, we are able to analyse and solve problems relating to fluid flows and simulate the interaction between the propeller and rudder. By using this cost-efficient method, you will receive at all times a first-class ship rudder design, tailored to your ship.


Based on this integral hydrodynamic approach, we have developed more efficient ship rudder designs over the years. For example: our wake adapted ship rudder design recovers a portion of the energy lost downstream the propeller, this energy recovery can amount to a 3-9 % savings, depending on the sailing condition, propeller design and load.


Ship rudder design for existing vessels and new builds


Our ship rudder designs can be adapted for existing vessels as well, in such a way that you can do a rudder blade replacement during a routine dry docking, starting to save energy from minute one. We can also take care of the design of conventional ship rudders of any type and with any desired mechanical solution including hydraulic couplings, pintle, flange, integrated rudder support and any other design alternatives.


Ship rudder design suitable for almost any type of ship


The VICUSdt high quality ship rudder designs are suitable for many different types of ships for all maritime sectors including shipping, shipbuilding, offshore, inland waterways, dredging, fishing and yachting. The major types of ships are yachts, general cargo ships, bulk carriers, container ships, auto carriers, tankers, fishing vessels, oil industry vessels, passenger ships, ferryboats, tow and tug boats, barges and specialized ships.


Manufacturing ship rudders with custom ship rudder design


At Berger Maritiem, we are also able to manufacture the ship rudders with one of our partners. We know like no other that the trust of customers is a great responsibility. To guarantee the highest quality standards of our ship propellers, we use the highest quality raw materials coming from qualified and checked suppliers.


We can produce high quality balanced ship rudders, unbalanced ship rudders, semi-balanced ship rudders and for example flaps ship rudders, tailored to the ship and the customers needs.


Feel free to discover more about our ship rudders.


Worldwide services


A tightly knit network of partners guarantees a 24/7 service worldwide. Together with Berger Maritiem’s customer service, we are ready to support your vessels with maintenance services, inspections and spare parts – around the clock, 365 days a year.



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