Wågene Purifiner Technology AS

The engineer Åge S. Wågene, the founder, started his business in 1976 with compressed air technology. In 1999 he decided to start the development of oil cleaning systems for hydraulic oils, lubricating oils and fuels.


In the early years the company targeted their local Norwegian shipping industry. Later it entered the worldwide maritime industry. Based on the feedback from the market the Wågene-solution has proven to be highly effective to keep oil clean from particles and water.


In 2011 the company changed its name into Wågene Purifiner Technology AS. Since that time they have started to focus on building up a distribution network to supply and support the shipping industry worldwide.


In recent years, Wågene’s filter systems have proven to be very effective in cleaning todays biodegradable oil, also known as EAL (environmentally acceptable lubricant).


Nowadays our partner Wågene Purifiner Technology has become a global leader in cost-effective oil cleaning solutions for the maritime industry. Up till now they have delivered more than 3,000 oil cleaning systems to shipping, offshore and industry.


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