efficiency PACK (waste heat recovery system) from Orcan Energy AG

Due to the Dutch deal on inland shipping (Declaration of Nijmegen) and the international agreement on climate action to reduce CO2 emissions by the maritime shipping sector, the provable ship-sourced reduction of CO2 emissions will be more important. The efficiency PACK (waste heat recovery system) from our German partner Orcan Energy AG can seriously contribute in this. Thanks to the efficiency PACK you have the possibility to generate electricity or mechanical energy (to support the powertrain) by using the waste heat from the exhaust gas, cooling water, residual steam or thermal oil. By using this technology you can yearly reduce your carbon footprint (till 300 tonnes of CO2), save on your fuel costs (6-9%) and improve the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) or Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI) from your Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) significantly.




The efficiency PACK (waste heat recovery system) is modified for vessels with an installed total engine power of about 500 kW to 5 MW (and more). The installation is specially developed for all maritime sectors including seagoing market, short sea shipping, offshore, inland waterway, navy, fast ferries, dredging, fishing and yachting. This makes the waste heat recovery system interesting to many types of vessels.


The waste heat recovery system is developed to operate in good condition at full load and under partial load to utilize the available waste heat, also with a dynamic sailing profile. And although 100 kW is the maximum output per efficiency PACK, for larger waste heat sources on board more PACKS can be combined because of the modularity of the system. Then the maximum output could be 500 kW.


The efficiency PACK can be applied in existing and new vessels and can be connected to every type of engine and works with all fuel types (for example: biofuels, LNG/CNG, GTL, methanol, MGO, dual fuel and HFO).


Characteristic features 


The waste heat recovery system (efficiency PACK) can play an important role in achieving the objectives of the Dutch deal on inland shipping (Declaration of Nijmegen) and the international climate agreement for seagoing vessels to reduce CO2 emissions. The efficiency PACK measures continuously the recovered electrical or mechanical energy in kW net. In this way, ship owners and shipping companies can calculate and prove how many CO2 (and fuel costs) is saved.


The efficiency PACK runs self-sufficiently without supervision and does not interfere with the operation of the ship. Next to that, the installation has been confirmed by the leading certification bodies (TÜV-certified and CE-compliant).


The process from Orcan Energy’s installation is based upon the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and is secured with 140 patents worldwide.


The waste heat will be safely and optimally recovered through the focus on the use of lean design principles, proven standard industrial components, and innovative control algorithms.



Learn more about the rental model, Green Award inland waterway, EIA and more





Research has shown that a waste heat recovery system based on steam does not work with dynamic and partial-load operation. The waste heat recovery system from Orcan Energy works with a refrigerant (R245fa) which already "boils" at 15 degrees Celsius (°C) at atmospheric pressure. Via a simple screw expander the vapor will be directly converted to rotational energy. This screw expander operates at a much lower speed and has a flat efficiency curve over a wide operating range, in contrast to a steam turbine.


Orcan Energy has done extensive research with waste heat recovery for dynamic and partial-load operation. Tests on trucks and by MTU (in testing mode) have demonstrated the good functioning under these conditions.


Business cases


To give you an idea of an application for the seagoing market, you can view a business case for two newbuild “single fuel” LNG ferries. It is expected that these vessels will be delivered by the end of 2018 and will be operational at the beginning of 2019.  



Waste heat recovery system "single fuel" LNG ferries business case





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