Water cooling system for hybrid and electric ship propulsion

Due to the increasing demand for electrification, components such as batteries, fuel cells, frequency converters, electric motors and generators will be more integrated in sustainable ship designs. For a safe and lasting operation, the components around power electronics must be cooled properly. We believe that water cooling will be the best option in many cases. For example, the specific heat capacity of water is much better than air. Therefore, water cooling systems work more efficient, are till 50% smaller in size and will use less energy than air cooled units. Above all, water cooling is much safer than air cooling and will lead to a longer operation of the often very expensive components.


Since 2000, our Finnish partner Adwatec has specialized in the development of highly safe, compact and extremely reliable water cooling systems. The essential and non-essential cooling systems for hybrid and electric ship propulsion have a high cooling efficiency and are suitable for intensive use at sea and in the offshore sector.


Cooling systems


The water cooling systems can be delivered as an open frame solutions or pre-installed into a standard cabinet. The cooling stations circulate coolant between power electronics and a heat exchanger. A three-way valve is used to ensure constant temperature and to avoid condensation in power electronics. 


A modular structure and multiple available options such as different heat exchangers, control systems and pumps ensure the right solution with suitable cooling power and flow rate. The cooling systems are equipped with, among other things, a visual coolant level indication and leak detection and the stainless steel components ensure a long and reliable operation.


Compact and easy to maintain


Space in the engine room is often limited. For that reason, the water cooling systems have been made as compact as possible. The most compact version is 400 by 600 mm. 


However, compact size does not mean that doing maintenance is difficult. The modular construction of the cooling stations makes each component easy to see and reach. This leads to a short visual inspection and service time.


High quality standard


Adwatec uses high-quality materials and first-class European components. And although the water cooling systems have already proven themselves in their use, they always test the cooling stations thoroughly before sending them to the customer. 


Besides that, all tests are carried out in accordance with common industrial practice in order to demonstrate compliance with the specification. Factory tests are performed at the testing area of their own factory in Kangasala, Finland.


Proven quality


The quality system for design, manufacture and sales of water cooling systems is certified with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. In addition, the cooling stations have passed several approvals of classification societies, such as Bureau Veritas (BV), Lloyd’s Register (LR), DNV-GL and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).


In practice


The world's largest plug-in hybrid ferry Color Hybrid from the Norwegian cruise ferry company Color Line is equipped with four battery stacks. These consist of different battery cells that together can deliver up to 5 MWh. This allows this ship to sail almost silently for up to 60 minutes and without emissions of greenhouse gasses such as nitrogen, particulate matter (soot) and sulfur. To cool down these batteries, they have chosen for the water cooling system from Adwatec.


This hybrid ferry, which provides the sea service between Norway and Sweden, has a length of 160 meters and has space for 2000 passengers and 500 cars. In 2019 the Color Hybrid received the award for ship of the year.



Battery cooling for a revolutionary hybrid ferry



Factory Acceptance Test, commissioning and maintenance


Due to the corona crisis, Adwatec has made it possible to present a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) remotely via a live video connection. Regarding to the commissioning, local staff in customers premises is also able to do the practical implementation with expert guidance online. Maintenance can be done remotely with augmented reality enabled tools.



Online product configurator


Our partner Adwatec has made it possible to design your water cooling station easily by yourselves online. To do that, please have a look to Adwatec’s configurator on their own website. After filling in your contact information, wishes and needs, you will receive from them a summary and detailed offer by email.


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