Service is one thing. But to actually set off into the unknown by doing things smarter requires courage and a true pioneering spirit. At Berger Maritiem we want to make the difference at every step in the service process. We are not only keen on service that is related to propulsion components. Helping shipowners and shipyards with the right support is encouraged and rewarded across the entire organization.


Service by doing things smarter


The maritime industry is driven by a growing demand for efficiency. Operating costs have been taken under the magnifying glass to find efficiency improvements. At the same time, technical solutions have become more sophisticated and more complex. Shipowners and shipyards need to comply with more stringent regulations when it comes to emissions and energy efficiency. Therefore servicing your propulsion components demands highly developed skills, experience and special tools.


We are able to provide you with a state-of-the-art service. Our philosophy is that no parts should be changed before there are indicators of reduced performance or an upcoming failure. Berger Maritiem’s maintenance service is optimized for reduced risks, downtime and costs and fit with the customer’s business objectives.


Service in a broad range of disciplines


Berger Maritiem has the right in-house experience and solid relations with expert partners to be able to provide our services in the following disciplines: mechanical equipment, hydrodynamics and electrical instruments and controls.


At Berger Maritiem we offer a variety of services to support not only your propulsion components, but your businesses as well. We have a strong emphasis on emission reduction and fuel saving practices and techniques to comply with the (new) emission regulations enabling our clients to be future proof.


Parts and the right technical support


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality parts are critical for making sure that your propulsion components work without problems - day in and day out - and that they deliver optimum performance throughout its entire lifecycle. At Berger Maritiem, we can provide you with the latest and best OEM parts related to your propulsion components.


In case there is a problem that may arise, we will help you to evaluate the issue(s) and give you guidance and support to bring your vessel back into operation as quickly as possible. Berger Maritiem is able to provide you with a fast and a professional evaluation of the possible damage of your propulsion components for giving you the right advice. With 24/7 technical support, we are here to help you wherever your vessel is at berth in Europe.


Training services


We believe that experienced and trained crew is key asset. Therefore we offer our customers a range of tailer-made training courses to understand the products the best. Our training solutions covers all aspects of management, operation, maintenance, safety issues and performance.


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