Energy efficiency

To improve your ship’s energy efficiency, we have a wide range of ship performance optimization tools and products on board.


Waste heat recovery system



Save on your fuel costs (6-9%), reduce your carbon footprint and improve the EEDI/EEOI of your SEEMP.


Discover more about the waste heat recovery system



Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)



Design the optimal aftbody hull form and optimize the fuel consumption by maximizing energy efficiency. 


Discover more about the Computational fluid dynamics service



Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)



Improve the ship’s energy efficiency and receive the International Energy Efficiency Certificate (IEEC).


Discover more about the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan



Energy Audit



Look at the ship energy use and see where savings can be made in the most smartest and cost-efficient way.


Discover more about the Energy Audit on ships



Ship performance simulator



Evaluate the ship’s performance in different scenarios, operational profiles and propulsion configurations.


Discover more about the Ship performance simulator



Ship energy efficiency analyser



Measure and analyse the ship performance to constantly improve the vessels efficiency and to save on fuel.


Discover more about the ship energy efficiency analyser


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