Orcan Energy AG

Orcan Energy AG is specialised in energy efficient waste heat recovery systems for all types of ships with engines from 500 kW to 3 MW.


Orcan Energy is a leading, fast-growing and ambitious start-up. The company, established in Munich (Germany) in 2008, has its roots at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) where the founders in 2004 started with the first Research and Development (R&D) of their innovative waste heat recovery system. Nowadays Orcan Energy has 35 commercial references across Europe (in total 290 thousand hours cumulated runtime), 65 high qualified employees and 90 patents registered worldwide.


Whether it is an inland waterway vessel, coastal trading vessel, platform supply vessel or ferry, with Orcan Energy’s system you could take advantage of waste heat recovery in two ways: by generation of electricity or by feeding the ship propulsion with mechanical energy.


By turning waste heat into energy, the waste heat recovery system from Orcan Energy is able to increase the efficiency of your engines and so decrease your vessel’s fuel consumption.


Besides that, the waste heat recovery system from Orcan Energy can help you to fulfil legal requirements regarding to CO2-, NOx-, SOx-, PM- and HC-emissions.


The stated objective of Orcan Energy is to harness the vast amounts of waste heat from industry, transport and power generation. Nowadays Orcan Energy has expressed to introduce their innovative and efficient ORC waste heat recovery technology in the maritime sector on a large scale.


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