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Although the options for sustainable alternatives are rising, the vast majority in the shipping industry is still reliant on oil used in engines and closed-circuit lubricating systems such as hydraulic systems, gearboxes, bow and azimuth thrusters and stern tubes. Through a unique two stage process, the innovative and patented oil cleaning system from our Norwegian partner Wågene Purifiner Technology removes both particles and water simultaneously, including emulsified water out of the oil.


As a result of this oil cleaning system you will receive an increase in the reliability of your systems (and so for preventing unexpected maintenance costs), the life-time of your oil is extended (which lowers your environmental footprint as well), filter cartridge consumption is reduced and there is less contaminated oil to dispose of.


About the oil cleaning system


The oil cleaning system is a by-pass filter designed for a never-ending oil maintenance on hydraulic and lubricating oil systems. The system is using a 100% cotton filter that absorbs all particles and contaminants of solid elements down to 1-3 micron. For water removing, it has an evaporation chamber that evaporates water, seawater and emulsified water in the oil down to 0.01% (100 ppm). Through a unique two stage process, the result is better than the ISO 12/9 (NAS 3-4) Cleanliness Codes. Below movie explains how the process works.



The oil cleaning systems from Wågene Purifiner Technology are now on the world market for more than 15 years, and the cleaning technology has proved to work well with all types of oil. From common mineral oil and synthetic oil as well as EAL (environmentally acceptable lubricant) oil. Unlike normal oil, EAL oil is biodegradable, which makes the oil highly sensitive to water if it enters a system. Because this cleaning system absorbs the water in this oil, it minimizes the chance of downtime of your installation.


EAL oil, especially used in the shipping industry, requires continuous maintenance due to its sensitivity to water. In practice they have tested the effectiveness with their oil cleaning system by removing emulsified water in EAL oil. The tests have shown exceptional results. The systems clean all types of oil with a viscosity from 32 to 320.


Why oil maintenance?


Oil in a system, hydraulic or lubricating oil will, constantly be exposed to different types of contamination, like solid particles of different types, and ‘chemical’ contamination, mostly as water due to condensation or leakage. When the contamination in the oil is too high you must change the oil or perform a flushing (rapid purification of oil) to get oil more or less back to ‘clean’ oil status and so it again used in a system.


All experience through years has shown: continuous oil maintenance gives the best result when it comes to keeping the ‘purity’ of the oil. For example, the Norwegian Shell has conducted research on the prevention of breakdowns in a hydraulic system and states that around 80% of all failures and breakdowns in a hydraulic system are due to contaminated oil containing solids and ‘chemical’ and 30 to 40% due to water in the oil.


Oil analyzes


Oil analyzes are of importance to keep track of how the oil quality is changing. With constant oil analyzes, one will obtain the best overview of particle and water content in your oil. We can help you with finding and selecting the right laboratory to check your samples frequently.


Suitable for many vessels and systems


The technology can be used in many types of ships. Think of ferries, cruise ships, bulk, tankers, ro-ro ships, well boats, tug boats, coastguard and seagoing trawlers, but also to offshore vessels such as Seismic vessels, Platform Supply vessels (PSV), Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels.


For example, the systems are suitable for engines, thrusters, propeller sleeves, steering machines, stabilizers, bow gates, side gates, pendants, cranes, winches and anchors.


Oil cleaning systems to choose from


Wågene Purifiner Technology has standardized oil cleaning systems ready for installation including a mobile version. With this mobile unit, where you can easily clean your heavily contaminated oil system, all components will be mounted on a trolly. Thereafter this can be connected to your system in minutes. Once this system has started it requires no supervision. Besides that, our partner has also developed a specific oil cleaning system for diesel engine applications and for cleaning diesel fuel they have a suitable system as well.


Photo: standardized oil cleaning system (left) and a mobile oil cleaning system (right)




Our partner Wågene Purifiner Technology has now become a global leader in cost-effective oil cleaning solutions for the marine sector. Up till now they have delivered more than 3,000 oil cleaning systems to shipping, offshore and industry. Please contact us for their reference list.




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